E-Newsletter for The Second Sunday of Advent

Thought for the Week

I like nice wine, Facebook has found out about this and so from time to time I get pop up ads in my Facebook feed advertising a new wine merchant or a specially selected discount. Most recently an ad popped up claiming a new and revolutionary way of buying wine – cutting out the middleman (wine merchants) and buying wine direct from the vineyard, supposedly at cut price. One of the promoters of this new wine buying experience said that the reason he was a fan was 'because the trend now for everyone, especially my generation, is I want something instantly'. Instant gratification is part of modern life: 45 second TikTok videos to grab our attention, emails straight to our phone - 'Click and collect', 'buy now' bypassing putting things in your online basket. Amazon got in on the act quickly with its Prime Service as did many others. The season of Advent and Christmas invites us to slow down a bit and wait. As Christians, like so many in society, we look forward to the joyful season of Christmas. But unlike the retailers who start stocking Christmas products in October and the radio stations that play Christmas jingles in November, the hallmark of the Christian is that of waiting. Advent is a season of preparation for the great feast of the birth of the baby Jesus. The frenetic pace of modern life would have us leapfrog over that seemingly uneventful season and fast forward to Christmas, but we wait, building a sense of excitement and joyful anticipation. Maybe you are fed up with the relentless pace of modern life and your senses being assaulted constantly by the instant gratification culture. If so, there is much to learn from the wisdom of our Christian heritage. Just as we know how to fast at some moments and feast at others, so we know the importance of nurturing a sense of anticipation. This is Advent. All good things come to those who wait.

Father Paul Leonard


Sat 4 Dec - Christmas Bazaar (11am-2pm)
Sat 18 - Dec Advent Afternoon of Prayer
Sun 19 - Dec Advent Children’s Liturgy Workshop
Sun 19 - Dec Pastoral Area Reconciliation Service
Sun 16  - Litter pick in Hook

Please contact hello@sacredhearthook.org if you'd like to attend or need more info on any of these events.

Christmas Tree

This Christmas as we remember all our dearly departed Family and Friends, you are invited to help us dress this year’s Christmas tree with the names of your loved ones. At the steward’s stations in the church you will find some gold and silver stars, please write the name of your loved ones on one of them and place the star in the box provided. If you are unable to attend church, but would still like to have a star placed on the tree, please email the office with your loved one’s name and we will complete the star on your behalf. On Christmas Eve they will be placed on the tree. hello@sacredhearthook.org


Pope Francis Prayer Intention
Catechists: Let us pray for the catechists, summoned to announce the Word of God: may they be its witnesses, with courage and creativity and in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Christmas Mass

Reconciliation Service for our Pastoral Area At St Bede’s Church, Sunday 19 Dec 2.30 pm

Christmas Mass:

Christmas Eve (Friday) 4 pm Children’s Christmas Service
Adults must be accompanied by a Child

6 pm Christmas Eve Mass

8 pm Christmas Eve Mass

Christmas Day (Saturday) 10:00 am - Mass During the Day

Please note that all the Christmas Masses will require booking via hello@sacredhearthook.org Booking will open on Monday 13th December and close on Tuesday 21st December.

This Week's Newsletter

Please find here the link to the Spiritual Communion Prayer and the alternative Spiritual Communion Prayer.

If you wish to make a donation to our Church, we are very grateful and you can do so here.

How to Book for Mass

Booking is by email at hello@sacredhearthook.org. Please title the email "Mass booking" and give the name, address and contact details of all who will be attending including of all those in a family group. Booking closes on Thursday evening. Don't forget to indicate which Mass you will be attending. You will receive an email during Friday morning with more instructions. 

More information and a guide on what to expect can be found on our website's Attending Mass page.

Don’t forget that this Sunday, Mass will still be live streamed via YouTube and our website's Live Page.

COVID Restrictions Update

Our priority is to continue to create a safe environment within our Parish. Due to the size of the Sacred Heart, we adopted a cautious approach; in recognition that many of our parishioners are vulnerable or elderly, so we will continue to adhere to all COVID guidelines.


For the safety and wellbeing of all, we shall continue to:

• wear face coverings whilst inside the church and hall.

• social distance, within the church and hall, with the use of crosses to close seats.

• encourage parishioners to sanitise their hands, before and after Mass.

• In recognition of the differing needs of our parishioners, we have decided to carry on with the following

• Saturday 6pm and Sunday 10am Masses will therefore continue, with social distancing in place, with a maximum capacity of 60 parishioners, and the Masses MUST be booked. Please do not embarrass the stewards by turning up without booking, as they will be turning you away, even if it appear spacious.

• For Wednesday 10am Mass and The Rosary you do not need to be book, but the above rules still apply. 
We will continue to take bookings. But we will be allowing you to chose your own seats at Mass, please listen to the welcomers for more instructions. We will continue to live stream Sunday morning Mass via YouTube and our website.  

Sunday's Live Mass Stream
Sunday's Live Mass Stream
We will be live streaming Mass for the Second Sunday of Advent this Sunday morning at 10am from Sacred Heart Church. Sunday Mass will be followed by Children's Liturgy at 11.30am.

New Camera
Our new camera with automatically allow you to watch our live Mass stream via our website and YouTube. However, we will no longer be live streaming on Facebook.

Instructions For Watching Mass via our Website
Please note, when watching via our website, you will initially see an image like the above with a play button. This is because the video feed from our Church has not been activated. The video stream will start automatically, so press the play button and if Mass is live, the picture will be replaced with a video player. For more questions - please contact dan@sacredhearthook.org

Instructions For Watching Mass via YouTube If you’d prefer to watch via YouTube, you can do so here. Don’t to forget to like and subscribe.

Why is there no sound?
Before Mass, the camera will initially be muted to avoid people’s voices and/or Fr.Paul being picked up. Ensure your volume is turned up too, but rest assured that sound will be restored before Mass starts.

What happens if i lose my connection or the video stops?
Most problems can be resolved by waiting a few seconds and refreshing your browser.
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It's Today!!! Church Christmas Bazaar - 4th December

We invite you to come along to our Church Christmas Bazaar on the 4th December. Get an early start on your Christmas shopping and grab some unique gifts at  bargain prices or pop along for some mince pies and mulled wine or get the kids to come and meet santa!!  We will also be selling raffle tickets after Mass during the lead up to the bazaar so come and find us at the back of church!  

A Testimonial on a Week of Accompanied Prayer by Helena Ranson
A Testimonial on a Week of Accompanied Prayer by Helena Ranson
Helena Ranson provides her inspiring experience of a Week of Accompanied Prayer in our latest blog post. We hope you'll take a read.
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Advent Retreat Day with Verum Dei Missionary Community

Saturday 18th December 2021 in the Church from 2pm - 5pm. 
"Blessed is she who believed in God's promises." (Lk 1:45)

Join us on an Advent Retreat Day with Mother Mary, in preparation to live Christmas open to the spiritual gifts that God wants to give us. With some talks, time for personal reflection and sharing. 

Each year Coats4Calais provides warm clothing for many of the refugees in Calais throughout the winter months. This is an opportunity for you to clear your wardrobes of your unwanted coats, jackets, scarves, hats and gloves. However any donations of warm items like sleeping bags, duvets etc. will be gratefully received. I am the point of contact in Basingstoke for the collection of donations. Items can be received between 06 November & 11 December. They will be very much appreciated. Please contact me on any of the following: (m) 07881781407, landline: 01256 419427, email: joeshevlin@icloud.com to arrange the drop-off point for the items. More information about this project may be found on the following link:
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New Course - The Big Picture

We are excited to let you know about this new course which is starting 10 January 2022. The course will cover 12 engaging sessions taking us through Salvation History, starting at the beginning with God the Creator right through to the End Times, with the Second Coming of Christ. The course is inspiring and enjoyable and suitable for those new to Scripture as well as those with a deeper knowledge of the Bible.  The Big Picture is not simply an academic journey through Scripture but a time of helping us make God’s Word  alive and relevant to our daily lives.  If you would like a little taster and get a feel for the Big Picture why not watch the trailer below for more details and if you wish to join please reach out to Joan Kent – jkent@portsmouthdiocese.org.uk

Watch the Video




Parish Pastoral Council

I have been here at Sacred Heart for four years now. After having been here for two years I made the decision to form a parish pastoral council to help me with the running of the parish. Those members have now served faithfully for the last two years and I have asked them to step down as I choose new members to serve the parish. I want to take this opportunity to thank Joan, Joseph, Claire, Dan, Jan, Maggie, Helena, Mike, Mike, Penny, Laura and Andrea profusely for all their hard work over the past few years. I have streamlined the parish council and invited seven new members to serve. I would like to thank Jennifer, David, Shanti, Ian, Vanessa, Gill, Liz and John in advance for their willingness to serve the community over these next few years. Fr. Paul

Scam Email

During last week a scam email supposedly from Fr Paul landed in email inboxes. The email asked you to purchase amazon vouchers for Father and to email the codes to him. If you look carefully you will notice that the email address is from gmail, but this isn’t always easy to see. Father Paul will never email you asking for money or vouchers and his email address ends in @portsmouthdiocese.org.uk or sacredhearthook.org. If you are in any doubt that the email you have received is from Father Paul please contact the Parish Office and we can confirm whether it is or isn’t. These scammers are getting very clever and it is unfortunately very easy to fall for one of the scams.

O Come let us ADORE Him - Christmas Worship

You are warmly invited to “O come let us ADoRE Him - Christmas Worship” an hour of Praise, Scripture Readings, Carols and Prayers to prepare us for Christmas. There will be no Mass, Talk or discussion. Just an opportunity to reflect and pray for the Lord Jesus to come even more deeply into our lives, to fill us with all the fullness of God. This zoom session is on December 18th 11.00am to midday, You must register for the Zoom meeting in advance at bit.ly/ADOREDEC2021

ADoRE is offering confidential prayer for healing by telephone – please phone (NOT text) 07579 824523 Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and leave ONLY name and number. Experienced prayer ministers will pray with you confidentially for healing of physical, emotional and spiritual problems.


Childrens Advent Workshop = Sunday 19th December 2021

Sunday 19th December 2021 in the Church from 11:00 - 12.30 All children aged 4+ are welcome to this workshop where we will be looking at Creation. why it is so important to our lives and our families, now and in the future and that we need to do all we can to take care of our planet. We will have activities for younger children as well as older ones. We will be working in the church and family groups are welcome to work together. Children under 4 years are very welcome with parental help Older children are especially welcome to help! Refreshments will be available. Please let us know of any allergies when you book your places at hello@sacredhearthook.org

Update.  Sacred Heart Activities and Resources on Environment (SHARE)
Update. Sacred Heart Activities and Resources on Environment (SHARE)
SHARE - Activities and Resources on Environment
Clothing Reusing and Recycling

I have fond memories as a child, of wearing second hand school uniform because of the times that prevailed then and so reusing old clothes is quite acceptable to many families . Often large families share clothing with cousins and friends, with some items of clothing being used by four or more children. There is increasingly a fashion for ‘vintage’ clothes - clothes that have had a previous life - particularly with young students. And yet an amazingly large amount of clothing ends up in landfill (over 10 million tons annually) with some 3 million tons incinerated. Approximately 2.5 million tons gets recycled every year, and clearly the more we can reuse and recycle the better the outcome for the planet.

So think about recycling clothing that we no longer need to charity shops , and those clothes that have had their day can also be recycled as textiles and reused as new weaving of old material , by animal rescue centres for example, as rags, as fillers for jackets and coats - the list is endless. Where possible buy eco fashion - items that are made from cotton and bamboo for example, and are made to last. Swap clothes with friends, raise money for charity through selling clothes at various fairs and of course donating clothes to charities

Thank you.

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Live Children's Liturgy & Resources Page
Live Children's Liturgy & Resources Page
We have a new worksheet that is live on our website. This page contains the latest prayers, hymns and downloadable activities, Look worksheets and more. This has been updated for Second Sunday of Advent...
View Children's Liturgy Page
Readers Workshops

Have you ever considered being a church reader or are you already reading at Mass, but missed out on the Diocesan training. This December, our Readers Training Team will be offering online the two Readers Workshops: • Workshop 1 (the Liturgy of the Word / Practical skills) on 4th December 10am - 1pm • Workshop 2 (the Bible / Preparing a text) on 11th December 10am - 1pm You can register for the workshops, knowing that you need to have attended workshop 1 and workshop 2 to obtain a diocesan recognitio.

Please follow this link to the registration page https://www.pffm.org.uk/readers

Online Offertory & Donations
Online Offertory & Donations
An easy way to give online using your debit card has been set up on our website at https://www.sacredhearthook.org/donations. Just click the button and follow the instructions. Thank you so much for your generosity. God bless. Fr. Paul
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Pray for Me
Pray for Me
Note: The webpage on the Portsmouth Diocese has sadly been removed but you can still contact the Intercessor team directly. Details on our website.

Through the Called & Gifted process run by our Portsmouth Diocese, a growing number of people (currently over 60) have been able to discern that they have the charism of Intercessory Prayer. The intercessions could include prayers for our Diocese, Sacred Heart Church and all the people in it, Fr Paul or maybe something or someone close to you? Perhaps something you’re concerned about relating to yourself, a family member or friend? If you wish the intercessors to pray for you, please email the team.

More details on our website.
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The Blessed Charles de Foucauld

We recently restarted our Fraternity of blessed Charles de Foucauld in our parish. We get together once a month for couple of hours at convenient day and time for all. We start with the exposition of the blessed sacrament in the church. We also read the Sunday's gospel reading and contemplate on the reading and share our views. We also discuss the life and writings of blessed Charles de Foucauld. The next meeting is in Monday 6th December at 2.30pm, in the Church. Everyone is welcome to join us. 

O Come let us Adore Him - Union with God in St John of the Cross
O Come let us Adore Him - Union with God in St John of the Cross
This lecture will give you insights into how John’s experience of the Mystery of the Incarnation deepened his union with God and how you too can experience the same during this holy season of Advent. Date: Monday 13th Dec. 2021 (Online) Time : 7:00pm Speaker: Fr Matt Blake, OCD
Learn More
Carmelite Spirituality
Carmelite Spirituality
Our Carmelite friends from Oxford invite us all to join with them in their gentle, contemplative spirituality that's inspired by Carmelite Saints such as St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross. They offer a number of free and paid talk, retreats, courses and spiritual direction options that will help you deepen your relationship with God.
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