This year Grania will be adding stories about different Saints and how they came to be extraordinary followers of Christ.
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St Mary Magdalene

In our July, March of the Saints series, Grania tells the story behind Mary Magdalene who walked with our Lord and feels our pain.
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St Jerome of Emiliani

“When we pray, we speak to God, but when we read, God speaks to us.” St. Jerome. He lived from:    1481- 1537 A.D. Feast Day:   …
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St Brigid of Kildare

Take a look a this informative article on St Brigid, her life, story and how her feast day inspires spring cleaning to this day -…
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March of the Saints

This month sees the launch of a series focussing on our Saints. We thought we would begin by describing how someone is honoured with this…
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