“Jesus went to the cross for sinners, not the perfect.”
Pope Francis.

A few weeks ago Father Paul walked down from the altar as he normally does for his sermons.
He decided to read something that he’d seen on Facebook and the exact image he read is here :-

Father teased that he suspected a few of us didn’t know where he was going with the above and that perhaps, even he didn’t. But of course, Father Paul’s message to us was as clear as it always is..

The message was this: We often forget that so many of our Saints and historical figures including the Prophets and Apostles were far from perfect. They were just like us – they were sinners. They’d made some terrible mistakes in life or had conditions or character flaws that made them very human.

Did that put Jesus off calling them to his side? Did He change his mind about them and recruit “more worthy” Apostles? No he didn’t, so why wouldn’t He choose us?

Father Paul reminds us again that even after we go to confession, even after we pray to our Lord, we still tend to consider that others are more “worthy” of our Lord’s time than us and that He can’t possibly have need of us. But He does and is calling us…

Jesus is calling us to action every day to join him in His mission to be a light in the darkness. A witness of Him and His love for us through our love, deeds and actions.

We may believe that we are not worthy to be called to our Lord’s mission but the Bible clearly shows us that’s never been the case. Peter, couldn’t fully believe in Jesus when he saw Him walking on the water and began to sink as he tried to join him. He doubted. He was human. He even denied Christ 3 times yet we know that Jesus forgave him and St Peter ended up becoming one of the most important figures of our Catholic Church- our first Pope!

What’s important is to forgive ourselves and know that we are exactly who Jesus is looking for to continue His mission and show people the way. That He is the way.


  1. Brilliant, as always! Fr Paul has s gift of making difficult topics easily to understand. Coming down from altar for his sermons and his non judgemental way of talking to people also really make them ‘hit home’!

    1. Completely agree. It makes it much more of a conversation doesn’t it 🙂

  2. We doubt ourselves. God doesn’t doubt us, He encourages us to keep trying. Father Paul puts this point across so clearly.

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