PPC Church Survey for Sacred Heart

Our Pastoral Parish Council wants to hear from you because it’s your voice that really matters so we’d be grateful if you’d complete our survey.

Are you happy being part of the Sacred Heart Faith Community? Is there anything you would like to see changed in our parish or Church that would make a positive difference to everyone? Do you have any skills or ideas that could help the community and ultimately draw people closer in their relationship to Jesus Christ?

Please help us to serve you better by completing this survey. It should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

    1. Please itemise what you feel should be some of the priorities for the Church and our PPC

    2.What events/activities/programmes would you like to see offered to enable you to be more engaged in Church life? (e.g. Bible study; Prayer Groups; Alpha; Ananias; Called and Gifted etc.?)

    3.Are you already helping in the local community? If not, would you like to volunteer and be involved?

    4.Do you have any special talent or passion (skill; knowledge; experience) and would you be interested in volunteering in any of the following Ministries? If so, circle as many as you wish or list any that are not mentioned below.
    Altar Servers, Care Group, Readers, Eucharistic Ministry, Catechetics, Liturgy Planning, Welcoming, Church Cleaning, Music/Choir, School Liaison, Sacramental Preparation, IT Support.

    5.How can we encourage young people to attend Church and engage with the faith?

    6.Does the Parish Newsletter meet your needs? Suggest any items that should be included?

    7.Please tell us your views on the Parish website? Any suggestions on content you'd like to see ?

    8.Would you like to have available an online forum to allow for follow up discussions on the weekly homilies ?

    9.Would you find it beneficial to have an opportunity to learn more, ask questions, or simply someone to share your hurts or hopes or how the week’s readings or homily spoke to you?

    Please select the option that best reflects your feelings about the following:

    10. I feel a sense of belonging and feel welcomed within the Parish ? AgreeNeutralDisagreeDon't know

    11. I feel that I’m growing in faith in the parish: ? AgreeNeutralDisagreeDon't know

    Please select the option that best reflects your feelings about the following:

    12. Worship, and access to the sacraments : ? ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryNeeds Improvement

    13.Service – helping those both within/outside the parish ? ExcellentGoodSatisfactoryNeeds Work

    Any more details you'd like to add?

You are welcome to complete this form anonymously, however, with regard to making positive suggestion or shared ideas to address dissatisfaction, we would like to know how to contact you to help improve things.

Thank you for your time and contribution. We’ll do our best to make Sacred Heart Parish ever better…

Information provided in this questionnaire, together with all other personal data held about individuals by the Parish and the Diocese of Portsmouth, is processed in accordance with the Diocese's Privacy Notice which can be obtained from the Diocesan website, or from Sacred Heart’s Parish office