“By spending some time each day from 25 March – 12 April asking God to speak to us more deeply, we’re confident that new discernment will begin to emerge for our campaign.”

Dear friends,

Lent has taken an unexpected turn this year, and many are adjusting to living in isolation while others keep working courageously, and often heroically by looking after others. Wherever we are, we all remain in communion with God and each other through the grace of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of faith, hope and charity. To make this communion more tangible, our Formation for Mission Team and the God who Speaks national campaign are offering various initiatives which I wanted to share with you. 

An Invitation to Listen – National Campaign

The God who Speaks National Campaign is encouraging everyone to make this time of confinement an opportunity to seek God more fervently in prayer and to intently listen to Him who speaks to us through the Scripture.
You can join this initiative of prayerful listening from the 25th March to the 12th April and share your insights with Fleur Dorrell, the national Campaign’s coordinator.

 By spending some time each day from 25 March – 12 April asking God to speak to us more deeply, we’re confident that new discernment will begin to emerge for our campaign.

While we are already committed to Lenten reading, prayer and reflection – this isn’t designed to be an added burden. We wish to infuse all that we already offer in prayer with an intent to listen to God speak to us all more pro-actively in the light of this new crisis.
We’d like to welcome feedback about emerging God who Speaks themes from 13 April – 13 May inclusive. This feedback will shape our next phase with the campaign.

If we trust in God and the Holy Spirit to guide us through this crisis, ask Mary to protect us, and be accompanied by Jesus as he journeys to his death and resurrection, then there will be many fruits for us to share this year and beyond.” 

You can find out more here: 
https://www.godwhospeaks.org/listening and:


Join the sisters for a daily Live Lectio Divina

As we sisters are as confined as everyone else (although we’re pretty confined generally speaking as it is!), we’re launching a Live Lectio Divina, which you can join online while this confinement lasts. 

All of us confined people can meet together to listen to the God who Speaks, with the Bible and a cup of tea. This time of Lectio Divina will take place every day, Monday to Saturday (we’ll have a break on Sundays!) at 4pm, and will last for up to 45 minutes. Join when you can!

Each day, we’ll pray and reflect on the Gospel of the day. To join, simply click here at 4 pm each day, and share in the conversation. No registration is necessary. You will simply have to fill your name and email address to join. 

The first session will take place this Wednesday, 25th March, to mark the Solemnity of the Annunciation. 

Join a live-streamed Mass

Join one of our Catechist’s Hubs

These days of isolation are a great opportunity to make contact and join the online hubs we have been setting up to share good practice, offer support and create fellowship among catechists and children’s liturgy leaders and helpers. To make contact, and possibly join an online hub, email the following members of our Formation for Mission team:

Join our online course for Catechists

I was due to run our essential training for Catechists in Stubbington after Easter, but now I’ll be doing it from home online, which means that up to 50 people can join in from all corners of the diocese! This is a very simple course which presents the essential principles of the transmission of faith, looking together at the treasure of our faith and how to pass it on to others. You don’t have to be a catechist to sign up. If you would like to join, register to the sessions below, which will take place from 7.30 to 9.00 pm

  • 23rd April – Session 1: What is Catechesis?  Register here
  • 30th April – Session 2: What is the Good News? Register here
  • 7th May – Session 3: Opening the Catechism without fear – Register here
  • 14th May – Session 4: The treasure of Scripture –Register here
  • 21st May – Session 5: Methods and Resources – Register here

Those who attend the 5 sessions will receive a diocesan certificate. 


Don’t forget to listen to our diocesan podcasts, which are being uploaded regularly, featuring testimonies, reflections, encouragements, and teaching on Scripture.
You can also join our Wednesday Gospel Webinar, every Wednesday at 7.00 pm, when we meet to reflect on the coming Sunday Gospel.  

“In these days of trials and uncertainties, may the Lord Jesus, crucified and risen for us, be our constant companion on the way. May our Mother Mary intercede for us all, and may we persevere in hope, in the strength of the Holy Spirit! 
With my prayers, Sr Hyacinthe, OP”

For more on the God who Speaks and the Year of the Word. Please keep an eye on our main Year of the Word page.

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