“There are 100 children left and I am now their only supporter!”
Holly Holman, Lymington Parish, Portsmouth Diocese

Dear friends of Sacred Heart,

Sr. Rosaleen and Holly Holman from the Portsmouth Diocese, have alerted us to an urgent and heart wrenching cause that we’ve been called to support in regards to our friends in Burma / Myanmar and the children there in an orphanage in Kachin state in the far north.

Lhavoa orphanage was founded by Haw Loon when he retired from being the leader of Myintyina city council. No one seemed to be helping the many orphans in Kachin state, a war torn state in the north of Myanmar, with fighting between the Burmese and Kachin Independence Armies. This led to the state being largely cut off from the rest of Myanmar, with little infrastructure and no aid agencies helping the many displaced people due to the war.

Lhavoa orphanage has 100 children. They grow some of their own vegetables and fruit and have some dairy cows. Haw Loon is committed to preparing the children for life beyond the orphanage and seeks to pay for their education including university tuition so that they can have a future.

They were completely sponsored by local Kachin people but through a series of events their support has stopped. Flooding, the fighting, the pandemic and the Army takeover have led to their support totally drying up and they have started to run out of food. They desperately need our help!

“Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.”
Matthew 5:42

Very sadly the leader there, the remarkable man called Haw Loon has advanced malignant melanoma. There is little hope for treatment, even of a palliative nature. There are no doctors left at the hospitals in Myintyina, the town where they are. They describe the town as in a war like situation. A number of the older children there have left to fight against the Burmese Army. “There are 100 children left and I am their only supporter!” reported Holly. Haw Loon’s son will take over the leadership of the orphanage. 

Haw Loon and Holly (from our diocese) buying melons at the market for the children in 2019.

How Can I Help?

“Let your light shine before others, that they may seeyour good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Matthew 5:42

If you would like to help raise funds, we would be extremely happy to hear from you. (e.g. by contacting your own friends, coming up with ideas, by helping write to possible donors, asking your friends at church / other groups). 

If you have skills in book-keeping, would be able to keep track of the very small accounts that would be a marvellous gift.

Another thought is if we could get our government to accept these 100 children as refugees. Kachin is far worse off than other parts of Myanmar. These precious children deserve a future.

Please Pray for Us

“I am the vine, you are the branches.” 
John 15:1-8

This may all seem impossible, yet nothing is impossible for our Lord. He is the vine after all, and we are the branches…

Please pray for peace, comfort and healing for Pastor Haw Loon in what looks like his final months of life. He deserves a thousand MBEs and knighthoods but prayer is the greatest gift.

For all the children, both at Lhavoa and the orphanages in the Yangon area, to be safe – for angels to be a wall of protection around them and thwart any invasions by the Army or police. 

For Haw Loon’s son and wife to have a passion and love for the children – not run the orphanage out of duty but out of genuine love for the children. That they and the other staff would remain totally committed to the children. Pray this also for all orphanage house parents/ leaders.

For people to give generously for the children in Kachin and that we could connect with people who would be willing to give regular / monthly amounts to provide for them.

How Can I Help Financially?

This orphanage is in the Kachin state in the far north. It’s a remote area, quite cut off from the rest of the country. All support which was all local has dried up in the terrible situation the country has been going through. Holly is now their only supporter with 100 children to look after! We need 400 people to give only £10 /$15 per month. Possibly not a lot for many of us. (Give more if you can!). The amount you donate will be automatically changed to dollars, so no need to do anything and no extra charges. It just uses the exchange rate of the day.

The best way to donate is by credit card, as bank transfers (although welcome), can be complicated.

If you would like reach out to Holly in regards to this appeal,
she can be contacted on 07900-243152 or by emailing hollyholman@me.com.
Thank you and God Bless!

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