The Bolton Arms, Old Basing

Thank you to everyone who supported us, in prayers as well at this difficult time.

It was such a wonderful evening and we raised £1,860.53!  It is an incredible amount, which will support our local families and individuals whose day to day lives are a real struggle.  You may remember, that many we support are referred to our events, from their health or social workers so we know that we are working with those in need.  This means we really will be able to give a weekly hot meal to our guests (much needed in many cases), as well as the Caritas InSight support.  It is wonderful to see how such a little friendship and support can bring weekly smiles to their faces and even a difference in their lives over time.  

This pub is amazing in it’s support to their local community.  They hold many charity events and once we can all get out and about again, we must visit them to help support their business.  They actually ran the auction for me and raised £852.00, the raffle which raised £268.00 and then at the end of the evening our change was collected and added up to another £25.53 (this is what I collect in some of the collection boxes sometimes, so am really happy with that total!).  

All your donations for the auction and raffle were so welcome, we couldn’t use them all unless we went on into the early hours, the fun and laughter still didn’t end until 11.45pm!  I have put the balance of donated items all together to put towards a raffle at our next fund raising event and some we can use for our weekly bingo prizes (once we can reopen in South Ham).

We really missed those who were unable to come, after all the hard work and support you all give Caritas through they year, it was such a shame but completely understandable.  We were all together in our hearts and prayers.

God bless and stay healthy.