Sunday Mass Live Stream – 10:00am

You’re in the right place. Mass should launch automatically closer to 10:00am. If it doesn’t, please click the button.

Instructions For Watching Mass via our Website
Please note, when watching via our website, you will initially see an image with a pink button. This is because the video feed from our Church has not been activated. Mass should start automatically, but you can also periodically press the button and if Mass is live, the picture will be replaced with a video player. For more questions – please contact

What happens if i lose my connection or the video stops?
Most problems can be resolved by waiting a few seconds and refreshing your browser.

Why is there no sound?

Before Mass, the camera will initially be muted to avoid people’s voices and/or Fr.Paul being picked up. Ensure your volume is turned up too, but rest assured that sound will be restored before Mass starts.

How do i turn off/on subtitles?
Subtitles/Captions can be turned off by clicking the settings icon, then turning “auto generate captions” to off.
You will need to refresh this page for Children’s Liturgy.

Online Collection Basket & Donations

If you feel that you are able to continue to support the church, then an easy way to give has been set up below.  Just click the button and follow the instructions.

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