It was five years ago when he first arrived
Hook wasn’t the place which he had strived
After bright lights in cities on the south coast
Hook didn’t seem ‘the place with the most’

For first impressions we turn back the clock
Father Paul in lycra gave the nuns quite a shock
Once he’d convinced them that he was for real
They took to him with a heavenly zeal

The parish is busy, a growing patch
People to hatch, match and despatch
Hospital visits, home visits too
Masses, counselling, admin to do

He threw himself into parochial work
Giving his time, not one to shirk
He could be seen with his bike or his car
Spreading the word both near and far

Though the work of a priest is not always fun
Father Paul found time to be in the sun
Cycling, swimming, running as well
Some call it triathlon, some call it hell

And now he’s moving to pastures new
The thought of him leaving makes us blue
But he’s only in Basingstoke, really quite near
So we can still see him for a chat (and a beer)