Live Streaming of Sunday Mass & Children’s Liturgy

Good News! Mass will be streamed live from Sacred Heart Church, each Sunday at 10:00am.

The next Children’s Liturgy will be following on the 14th June at 11:30am. The preferred method is via Facebook so you can interact with out Faith Community, but you also have the option to view the Mass on our website without a Facebook account.

Online Retreat for Couples

Fr Paul wanted to draw to everyones attention that his friends from the Verbum Dei Community will be running this on-line course for married couples.

Unlocking the Bible Course

Do you want to learn how to really unlock the Bible when you read ?
The unlocking the mystery of the bible course will be led by Deacon Dave through Zoom.  The course will help you uncover the story woven through Scripture with its clever narrative approach and ingenious colour-coded Bible Timeline. Through this course, you will understand and make sense of the Bible, and see how it relates to everyday life as well as discover the astonishing connections between the Old and New Testament.  You will also understand how everything that was declared in the Old Testament, was fulfilled in the New Testament as well as come to realise how the sacraments, the papacy, and our entire Catholic Faith is rooted in Scripture.If this is of interest please let Joan Kent or the parish office know as we will need to purchase the workbooks and also provide you with the login to the zoom calls.

If this sparks your interest then please reach out to Joan Kent at or the parish office and let us know you’re interested and we will provide you with the dates, details and log in for the online zoom course.

Ananias Training

Do you want to make a difference?

We are called, in our own individual ways, to help others to build a closer relationship with Jesus, and there are some tools that each of us can learn to use in this task. 

Inspired by the conversion of St Paul, Ananias Training equips each of us in practical skills that are useful in helping others to get closer to Jesus. These are skills that anyone can use to journey spiritually alongside others, assured that Jesus Christ is also walking with you. Where do Ananiases make a difference? Ananiases can make a difference just by being there for someone who needs to grow in their relationship with Jesus; being able to talk about their own relationship with Jesus and responding appropriately. Breaking the cultural silence that exists around Jesus. 

If this sparks your interest then please reach out to Joan Kent at or the parish office and let us know you’re interested and we will provide you with the dates and log in for the online zoom course with Clare Simpson.

Previous Events and Cancellations

Cancelled until further notice
Praying the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy is a glorious way to enter into the abundant Mercy of God. Please join us on Friday afternoons from 2:30—3:00 in the Church. To pray for the Mercy of God on us and on the whole world.

Live Streaming Easter at Sacred Heart

Easter Cards from Cecile
Cecile will be selling an assortment of Easter and
Mother’s Day Cards from the back of Church after
Mass on Saturday and Sunday each week.

Faith Sessions (ABC – About Being Catholic)

Please note these sessions are now sadly cancelled!

The evenings are run by friends of the parish who are skilled in transmitting the treasure of our Catholic faith to different groups. They will be interactive, use a variety of media and will take place in the church hall from 7.15 for 7.30 – 9.00 pm.

Thursday March 5th – What is Church and why do we need it?

This session will seek to widen understanding of what the Church is and why it exists alongside introducing and teaching on Kerygma (the basic Gospel message). The aim will be to provide a framework for what is being entered into.

(CANCELLED) Thursday March 19th – Birth to Burial (CANCELLED)

This session will look at Sacraments and build on Baptismal promises and commitments linking into First Holy Communion and beyond.

(CANCELLED) Thursday April 2nd – Getting Closer to God (CANCELLED)

This will look at importance of prayer both individually but also as a family linking back to domestic church that we touched on in first session.

(CANCELLED) Thursday April 23rd – The Mass (CANCELLED)
A systematic guide to the ‘source and summit of our faith’ – the Mass.

England to be Rededicated as Mary’s Dowry

Fr Mark Hogan, Episcopal Vicar for Evangelisation writes in last weeks e-News “On Sun 29 March at 12 noon, The Re-dedication will take place throughout the country. As King Richard II once gave England as a gift to Our Lady, so we are invited to give ourselves, as the people of this country, to Mary. We respond to this invitation on the day of Re-dedication in two ways; by making a personal promise (the “Angelus Promise” in which we proclaim our own “Yes” in union with Mary through the words of the Annunciation) and a communal entrustment (this Act of entrustment of England to the Virgin Mary is a prayer of profoundly historic and spiritual nature, bringing together the prayers of surrender and dedication that have echoed through our history). Our personal promise brings us closer to Mary, the first disciple of Christ. In this we unite in her joy by following her openness to God’s call. Our communal entrustment unites us together as the people of our country in prayer, by renewing the vows of dedication made to Mary by our ancestors.” 

*Cancelled * St John Henry Newman – a Legacy for our times *Cancelled*

There is a talk on St John Henry Newman which is being held in St Peter’s Parish Centre in Winchester on Saturday 21 March. It has been arranged by the Wessex Theological Society, a small group of MA alumni in Pastoral Theology who studied together at St Mary’s University in Twickenham.

Monsignor Rod Strange is a former Rector of the Beda College in Rome and is now a visiting Professor of Theology at St Mary’s. He is one of the foremost authorities on Newman and his most recent book  John Henry Newman: The Heart of Holiness was published last September.  The theme of this particular talk will be: “St John Henry Newman: His Legacy for our Times“.

Walking the St James Way

Walking the St James Way from Reading Abbey to Southampton in 6 stages on a Saturday starting 21st March at St James Church, Reading RG1 3FD. The route passes through beautiful countryside, past points of historic and religious interest, to a place where many pilgrims in former days will have set sail for Spain. Why not re-enact their journey by joining us this year. Please email the St James parish office on to register your interest. See poster for full list of dates

St Gabriel’s Group ‘Continuing Journey in Faith’

St Gabriel’s Group ‘Continuing Journey in Faith’ – with Deacon Pat O’Connell Being held at St Bede’s Church, Popley – on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm for 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm. ‘Matrimony’ – a discussion on the beauty of this Sacrament together with the psychological challenges faced by all married couples today Next session is Thursday 06 February 2020

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Tuesday 17th—24th November 2020 This is the initiative of a group of Parishioners in Sacred Heart Parish Hook. For more information relating to the Sacred Heart Parish contact Eileen Cashman –

RCIA—Journey in Faith

Each year we provide the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). This is for those adults living in our parish who wish to become full members of the Catholic Church. This includes both those seeking baptism for the first time and those who were baptised in another Christian Community and who now seek to enter into the full communion of the Catholic Church.

ST GABRIEL’S GROUP ‘CONTINUING JOURNEY IN FAITH’ – with Deacon Pat O’Connell – Next: 06 February Being held at St Bede’s Church, Popley—on the first Thursday of each month at 8—9.30 pm The session will include scriptural references and church teaching focusing on the subject of Matrimony—a discussion on the beauty of this Sacrament together with the psychological challenges faced by all married couples today. Tea & Coffee available.

For more information please contact the Parish Office ( 01256 577007)

For older and archived events. Please visits here

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