Set Free Summit for Young Adults

Stefan Kaminski, Director of The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst invites you to explore some of their forthcoming opportunities…
The “Set Free Summit”, offered by ICPE Mission in partnership with the CHC, is an online series of sessions for young adults (18-30 years old), on human sexuality and relationships. It is led by a number of exciting
speakers from around the world, building on St John Paul II’s beautiful writings. It takes place (online) on the six Sundays from 7th February to 14th March, from 4:00- 5:30pm. Each session involves a talk, sharing in small groups and a general Q&A.

Responding to the Prompt (of the Holy Spirit)

A Portsmouth Diocese Meeting Saturday 6th February 10am to 1pm on Zoom

This online event, organised by a team working with Fr Mark Hogan, is an opportunity to inspire and to hear from others about how we the Church have responded – or how we might respond– in practical ways, to the Great Commission (Mt 28: 19). Register below to receive the Zoom link.

Opening with prayer led by Fr Kelvin from Boars Hill Carmel near Oxford. Fr Mike Schmitz will challenge and inspire us, in a video, to respond to the spirit just as the apostles did at Pentecost. In breakout rooms we will share how we think we might respond to Jesus’s commission, or share what has already worked, or could work. Others will give short introductions to their approach to Mission.

Ananias – Art of Accompaniment

“The Church will have to initiate everyone into the “art of Accompaniment” which teaches us to remove our sandals before the sacred ground of another.” (Pope Francis). 

Clare Simpson, Leader of our Pre-Discipleship Team shares news of an exciting opportunity…

Many of us long for our friends and family to have faith but we don’t know how to start a conversation and often there is a culture of silence around talking about God.  Some of them won’t have any trust of God or the Church, but are searching for meaning of their lives.  How can we listen, understand and accompany them according to where they are?   We would like to offer the Ananias training to any parishioner who wants to grow closer to Jesus and share Him with others.  The Ananias training was developed by the Catherine of Siena Institute, complementing Called and Gifted, and is named after the disciple who played an important role in accompanying St. Paul.  The training encourages parishioners to recognise and be able to talk about their own relationship with Jesus, and also how to walk alongside friends and families, listening to what matters to them and responding appropriately.  We will offer five weekly sessions in small groups on Zoom from the last week in February, and parishioners can choose between Tuesday evening or Thursday evening (We may also offer Thursday afternoon and Friday morning dependant on numbers). To find out more, please email Clare at

A Series of Talks Recommended by Deacon Dave

29th – 31st January:
Finding Solitude: Led by Michael Woodward and Rev David Clayton

12th – 14th February:

Christian Muslim Dialogue: Led by Fr Martin McGee OSB (a monk of Worth Abbey)

26th – 28th February:

The Lent Journey – Led Fr Peter Williams OSB and members of Worth monastic community

12th – 14th March:

Romero and the Salvadorian Martyrs – Led by Michael Woodward

26th – 28th March:

The Holy Shroud – Led by Michael Woodward

For all enquiries, please email: or visit

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