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In this new series, Grania Egan explores each of the Apostles of Christ. We continue with St.Bartholomew.
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The following is the text and accompanying vide of the Message of the Holy Father Francis for Lent 2021, entitled: “Behold, we are going up…
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COVID certainly won’t stop us with our yearly Stations of the Cross Event! So this Lent, please join us for a virtual Stations of the…
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A poem provided by Bridie Stringer on behalf of Chris McDonnell celebrating the inspiration of Captain Sir Tom Moore
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In this new series, Grania Egan explores each of the Apostles of Christ. We start with St. Paul.
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In our December’s March of the Saints series, Grania Egan tells the story behind St Stephen. Patron Saint of Deacons and Altar Servers.
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  1. Avatar

    My mother attends your church. She cannot always get there. I am looking to find some transport for her. She lives in Chineham. She really likes Fathe Raul and your church of the Sacred Heart. She lives with my sister since our Dad died last year. My sister does have a busy life and can’t always take Mum. Do you know someone who can help get to church? She is happy to donate to the church or help with petrol. If you cannot , There is. Group of volunteers in the area who might be able to take her but they only volunteer Monday to Friday but I noticed you have weekday masses in the convent.
    It would be great if Mum could get to church twice a month .
    Thank you.

    1. Dan

      Hi Christina

      Thank you for your comment. Let me see what I can find out for you.
      In the mean time it’s best to call the office on 01256-577007
      I’ve let them know about you’re query.

      Kind wishes

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